Information Collection and Use Legislation

Effective 1 January 2004, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) applies to every organization that collects, uses or discloses personal information in the course of commercial activities. The Act defines ‘commercial activity’ as “any particular transaction, act or conduct or any regular course of conduct that is of a commercial character, including the selling, bartering or leasing of donor, membership or other fundraising lists.” The Act further notes that, “collecting membership fees, organizing club activities, compiling a list of members’ names and addresses, and mailing out newsletters are not considered commercial activities.”

Effective 1 July 2014, the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) further defined the requirements for sending commercial electronic messages (CEM). The Act defines ‘commercial electronic messages’ as those whose purpose is to encourage the recipient to participate in a commercial activity.” If so, the sender must seek express or implied consent to send the CEM, provide clear identification of the organization sending the CEM, and provide an unsubscribe mechanism. The Act also states that certain other communications are exempt from CASL for non-profit organizations, including day-to-day communications with other organizations.

By definition, the Association is not engaged in commercial activity, nor does it send commercial electronic messages; therefore, it is not legally obligated to meet the criteria of PIPEDA or the CASL. However, in the interest of Member privacy, the Association will seek to meet the spirit of the PIPEDA and the CASL through the application this policy.

Information Collection and Use Policy

The Association may request personal information that is deemed necessary to determine membership eligibility, issue member benefits, and maintain contact with the Member.

By completing and submitting the application form, the Member is agreeing to allow the Association to collect this information for Association purposes. By submitting annual membership fees, the Member is agreeing to allow the Association to maintain, update, and use this information for Association purposes.

Personal information held in the Association database on a former Member shall be maintained for a period of time as determined by the Board of Directors.                       

A Member may opt out of bulk email communications by contacting the Membership Secretary. A Member may not opt out of annual communications regarding membership status, membership fees, or notifications regarding the Annual General Meeting.

Membership status in the Association is not considered personal information.

Information Sharing Policy

Personal information held in the Association database or on the Association website shall be protected in a manner that limits access to Members only.

Personal contact information will not be provided to third-party sources unless the Member has provided explicit consent.

Personal information collected, including photographs, shall not be provided to third-party sources or be displayed on social media platforms for any reasons, unless the Member has provided explicit consent.

The Association may share aggregated demographic information with partners, organizations with whom member benefits are being negotiated, or other third-party sources providing specific services. This information is not linked to individual personal contact information.

In the event that the Association partners with a third-party service provider for the benefit of the Member, and the Member wishes to subscribe to these services, only necessary personal contact information will be shared with the third-party service provider. Prior to release, the Board of Directors will review the third-party privacy policy and take steps to ensure that all personal contact information is appropriately protected, not used other than for the express purpose of providing these services, and not sold to other third-party sources.

Personal contact information will not be provided to other Association members without the member’s explicit consent.

Internet Links

The Association is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of sites that are accessed through the Association website. Members are encouraged to review the privacy policy of all other sites.

Surveys and Contests

From time to time, the Association conducts surveys or contests that requires the collection of personal information, such as name and contact information. Participation, and therefore release of personal information, is always voluntary. Personal information will be used strictly to notify the winner and award prizes or to contact the member regarding a survey submission. The Association reserves the right to publish the name of the winner in associated publications.