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The Canadian Military Intelligence Association (CMIA) continues its program of rejuvenation with this new edition of INTREPID, the professional journal of the CMIA. It is therefore a great pleasure for me, on behalf of CMIA President Lieutenant-Colonel (Retired) Mike Beauvais and the CMIA Board of Directors, to introduce you to our new journal format, in which we hope you will find value and enjoyment.

INTREPID aims to offer a forum for discussion of intelligence issues relevant to the professional development of serving and retired intelligence practitioners in the Canadian Armed Forces and elsewhere in government. Unlike the previous practice of publishing an annual edition of the journal, we have decided to launch a ‘running’ version of the journal, which will remain available on the CMIA website ( and which will be continuously updated as new material becomes available.

However, we ask for your indulgence as we work to get this site up to full operational capability. Over the next few weeks, we will be building the format and content.

INTREPID seeks to provide you with high quality academic works on a broad range of intelligence issues. We encourage all professional intelligence practitioners to consider submitting articles for publication. We are particularly eager to receive material such as Staff College papers from military personnel, academic papers from graduate students in the field of intelligence studies, and thoughtful reflections from intelligence practitioners in all operational fields.

Given this new format, INTREPID also invites all readers to offer their suggestions on how this journal might proceed and evolve, so that it remains relevant to its intended audience. We welcome ideas for new avenues of interest and investigation. Suggestions and comments can be sent to

So, let’s get started.

To begin, the CMIA Board of Governors is pleased to announce that Captain Bradley Benns, currently serving with the Canadian Army Intelligence Regiment in Kingston, Ontario, is the winner of this year’s award for the best article to be published in INTREPID during 2014. The CMIA President will present Captain Benns with a new iPad Mini at the earliest opportunity. In future, winners of the year’s best article will be announced in October and the prize presented at CANIC.

Accordingly, Captain Benns’ article appears first in this edition of INTREPID, in which he calls for Army intelligence leaders to preserve the operational leadership experience gained throughout our years in Afghanistan. He says that the future of Army intelligence will rest in those who push forward and accept roles that are being developed for them.

Other articles will appear during the next couple of weeks.

Also in this edition, readers are presented with a call for articles and papers for INTREPID. All submissions are welcome, particularly those that might challenge opinions and views presented in previous material. Thoughtful pieces providing critical reviews of doctrine or operations will be valuable too. Readers may wish to send Letters to the Editor for future publication. We will also benefit from any commentary aimed at helping us make INTREPID a better publication, which remains relevant to supporting the professional development of military intelligence practitioners.

Jim Cox

Vice-President, Academic Programs

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